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If you’ve determined that your business can’t continue, you may feel lost about where to go from here. Luckily, you have a number of options. At The Turning Group, we advise small businesses throughout Florida how to navigate the liquidation process and explore their assets options, both in and out of insolvency.

Whether seeking alternatives to bankruptcy such as outside investment and merging with other businesses or completely liquidating assets through bankruptcy, seek professional guidance from The Turning Group to limit the ramifications of bankruptcy and protect personal assets.


Our Small Business Liquidation Services


The Turning Group specializes in the business windup, mergers, assets maximization, and liquidating trustee for small businesses throughout the state of Florida. Our clients are salons, restaurants, retail stores, and industrial businesses that count on us to deliver proven results time and time again.

As a full-service bankruptcy alternative, we utilize our network of legal experts, liquidation auction, and assets appraisers to help you list your business and assets and maximize your real estate and equipment value. At The Turning Group, creating detailed exit strategies is all we do, and you can turn to our expert guidance to minimize the fallout of your business’ closure as much as possible.

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Who We Are


Excellence. Diligence. Innovation.

At The Turning Group, these are the standards we live by. Boasting a strong track record of success, we are committed to finding sensible solutions for our clients with a results-oriented focus.

Determining that your business must close or liquidate is never easy, but we’re here to make it a little bit easier for you. Founded by trusted advisors and business experts Matt Person and Rod Amar, our firm offers comprehensive bankruptcy alternative services across the state of Florida. We work closely with our clients to ensure that struggling small businesses can find the relief they need to either avoid bankruptcy or minimize its impacts.

We are experts in finding alternatives to bankruptcy such as mergers, acquisitions, and outside investment. If bankruptcy is the best option for you, we can assist with liquidating assets and the ensuing tax implications.

When you choose The Turning Group to steer your business toward success, you will have a network of dedicated experts standing with you to find a favorable and targeted solution to your business’ financial difficulties. Our team approach enables us to utilize a wide range of resources to match legal experience with each client’s needs. Offering strategic counsel and efficient execution, we manufacture innovative solutions to complicated challenges with every case that comes our way.

Your success is our success. Don’t let impending bankruptcy weigh you down. Let our experts guide you through business windup, mergers, asset maximization, and liquidating trustee so you can begin moving forward.

Proven Liquidation Business Solutions


Before you begin terminating your business and selling your business assets, it is essential to have a comprehensive plan to ensure that you pursue the most appropriate exit strategy. While each situation requires a personalized liquidation plan, our process often looks like this:

Evaluate Your Options

When you work with our liquidation experts, our primary goal is to ensure that you can avoid declaring bankruptcy. Before exploring your liquidation options, we will help determine whether alternative options, such as merging with other businesses or pursuing outside investment, may be viable.

Scrutinize Your Assets

If we determine that full liquidation is the most viable option for your business, we will prepare a detailed inventory of your business assets. After that, we will help you secure your merchandise and proceed to value your real estate holdings, inventory, and equipment. In doing this, our goal is to guide you on the most economical path to allow you to continue to operate your business.

Establish the Liquidation Value

Next, we will help you determine the liquidation value by working with qualified appraisers and auctioneers. The liquidation value is the amount you can expect to recover in a forced business sale situation and is usually at least 50% less than the retail value.

Ensure That a Sale is Worthwhile

If we have fully evaluated your situation and determined that a liquidation sale is not worthwhile, we will help you pursue more appropriate alternative exit solutions. While negotiated sales are desirable in a distressed situation, you may have other options, such as a sale. We will help you determine the right path and initiate a sale option that works for you.

We’re open to businesses such as:


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Retail Stores

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Industrial Businesses

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Our Partnerships

At The Turning Group, we take a team approach to engineering innovative bankruptcy alternative and liquidation solutions. Our network of professionals across the spectrum enables us to utilize a wide range of resources to deliver targeted results. From auctioneers to assets appraisers, our partners share our results-oriented focus and passion for helping small businesses recover from their financial difficulties.

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Explore Your Business Asset Liquidation Options Today


As painful as it might be, liquidation is often a necessary choice to make when facing possible bankruptcy. If you have decided to shut down your business and are not able to pass it on to someone else, sell it as a going concern, or merge it with another business, liquidating the assets may be your best option.

No matter the route you take, we’re here to help you make the right choices along the way and minimize the devastating blow that bankruptcy can have on your business. Contact the liquidation experts at The Turning Group today by calling 305-640-5754 to explore your options and begin developing a comprehensive and effective exit strategy.

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If your business is facing bankruptcy proceedings, The Turning Group can help you find a solution to keep you on your feet. Based in Doral, Florida in the Greater Miami Area, we offer comprehensive bankruptcy alternative and liquidation services to clients throughout the state of Florida. Contact us today at 305-640-5754 or fill out the form below so we can begin to steer you toward success.