Determine the Full Value of Your Business With Our Business Appraisal Services

You may need business appraisal services if you’re considering selling your business or are facing litigation. Getting an accurate understanding of your business’s value is an important step in the process.

Determine the Full Value of Your Business With Our Business Appraisal Services title min

Top Business Appraisal Services

Knowing the value of a business and how certain choices can affect that value are essential elements of owning a business. That’s why we work diligently to provide precise and comprehensive business appraisal services to struggling business owners.

When you seek The Turning Group’s business valuation services, you can count on our deep market understanding integrated with third-party neutrality to bring meaningful information with a list of actionable suggestions.

Appraisal vs Valuation

When it comes to determining the total value of a business, our business appraisers use the terms appraisal and valuation interchangeably. While some business appraisers prefer one term over the other, both describe the same thorough process of placing a market value on a business.

When is Small Business Appraisal Necessary?

There are numerous circumstances where small business appraisals may be necessary. Buying or selling a business, settling business disputes, considering an acquisition or merger, converting from a C-corporation to an S-corporation, and bankruptcy are all reasons businesses seek professional valuation assistance.
These are just a few examples. A business owner can seek an appraisal at any time, but our clients most commonly seek our business appraisal services when considering bankruptcy alternatives such as mergers and outside investments.

Our Business Appraisal Methods

To calculate the estimated value of a business, an expert business appraiser will utilize multiple appraisal methods. These may include:

  • Market method: Using this method, your business appraiser will take a look at the selling prices of comparable businesses and utilize that information to estimate the value of your business.
  • Income method: This method can be approached in several different ways, but it generally involves determining a business’s value based on financial information such as the current cash flow and projected earnings.
  • Asset method: This method involves coming up with a total business value by determining the independent values if you were to liquidate assets, whether tangible or intangible, and adding these values together.

There are numerous other methods that may be used to value a business, and a qualified appraiser will typically make use of several different appraisal approaches to come up with an estimate.

Asset Appraisal Services

If you’re exploring your options as a struggling business owner, business valuation may be the logical first step. In some situations, however, a full appraisal of your business may not be necessary.
Some appraisal specialists only offer business valuations services, but many business owners

aren’t fully aware of all their options. Whether business valuation, simple asset appraisal, or full liquidation valuation is the best course of action for your unique situation, the only way to find out is to consult a team of full-service business valuation experts.
At The Turning Group, we are not just business appraisers — we are advisors, liquidation experts, and bankruptcy alternative specialists. Making your goals the central focus, we will utilize our extensive network of resources to offer innovative solutions to your business needs.

Best Business Appraisal Near Me

Finding the best business appraisal specialists is an essential part of determining the objective value of your company. When you work with The Turning Group, you will find exactly that.

Our network of financial, business, and real estate experts has the tools, credentials, and experience to thoroughly evaluate the fair market value of any business. We draw from this to offer personalized consulting services for a streamlined and comprehensive experience.

Excellence, diligence, and innovation drive everything we do. Serving business owners throughout the state of Florida, we take pride in our consistent track record of stellar service. If you’re ready to let our team steer you toward success, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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