Is a Business Liquidation Auction Right For You?

Work with the business liquidation auction specialists at the Turning Group if your company is considering shutting its doors.

Is a Business Liquidation Auction Right For You title

Sell Your Assets Fast With a Business Liquidation Auction


Are you a business owner having a hard time repaying creditors, or have you determined that it’s time to shut down? While your situation isn’t ideal, you do have some options that will allow you to quickly recover money so you can pay down your debt or net the greatest return during your business’ closure. Among the best of these options is a business liquidation auction.


We’re Experts in Business Liquidation Auctions

A liquidation auction is where you compile all of the items owned by your business – remaining inventory, equipment, and any real property – and put them on the auction block. This will allow you to efficiently sell your business’ assets for cold-hard cash, which can then be utilized to quickly pay off your financial obligations and see a favorable resolution to this difficult situation.

When you work with the trusted full-service business liquidation specialists at The Turning Group, we will develop a detailed liquidation strategy and market your assets to potential buyers. This can help draw a larger and more competitive audience that is willing to pay top dollar for your assets.

Bulk Liquidation Auction


Whether you are looking to liquidate one piece of machinery or an entire local franchise, your assets have value in the market and must be properly appraised and auctioned off. To ensure that you recover the maximum value of your assets, you should work with an auctioneer who can advise you on the best methods for your assets to be liquidated. 

At The Turning Group, we handle liquidations for businesses and inventories of all sizes. We work one-on-one with our clients to ensure that each step of the auction process will bring the greatest return on their excess, obsolete, or bulk inventory items. 

When you choose The Turning Group’s bulk liquidation auction services, you’ll have access to everything you need to ensure that your sale is simple, smooth, and successful. We have the skills, resources, and experience to auction your idle surplus inventory quickly and efficiently while maintaining compliance with all legal requirements

From collecting and reporting earnings and taxes to providing all necessary documentation to buyers, we will take care of every detail of your auction, no matter how many items you’ll be selling.

Business Liquidation Online Auction


There are several different ways to execute a business liquidation auction. These auction types have small distinctions that a business owner may want to consider before making a decision. When you work with our business liquidation specialists, we’ll guide you through your auction options so you can move forward and complete the process with confidence. 

In the digital age, online business liquidation auctions are rapidly prevailing, allowing businesses to sell the greatest amount of inventory in the shortest amount of time. With this option, you’ll enjoy direct exposure to a larger pool of buyers and a wider range of offers, leading to more cash in your pocket.

Like traditional live auctions, this option is available for a wide range of inventories, assets, and businesses. From equipment to tools, industrial to retail, real estate to jewelry, auctions have never been easier for both buyers and sellers of all interests and industries.

If you’re considering an online business liquidation auction, let The Turning Group show you how we use innovative technology to efficiently market and liquidate your assets and inventory with targeted marketing, detailed listings with high-quality photography, online bidding, and the best customer service in the industry.

Liquidation Sale vs Online Auction Liquidation


When businesses are confronted with the need to recover assets, they have several options available to them, including a business liquidation sale, which is often confused with a liquidation auction. Understanding this distinction can help a business owner make the right choice for their future.

A liquidation sale is a process of selling a business’ assets in an organized manner over an amount of time in order to get a value as close to market price as possible. In commercial liquidation sales, the sellers typically review offers and negotiate deals, and assets may be on the market throughout the course of several weeks, months, or even years. If your store or restaurant is closing and you need a quick return on your assets, this may not be ideal, but it may be a good option for business owners with a bit more time to generate additional revenue.

One important element of liquidation sales is that they often transition into auctions. After the larger, more valuable assets are sold through an organized liquidation sale, the remaining items may be sold in a liquidation auction. 

While both involve the sale of a company’s assets, auctions are typically the opposite of liquidation sales because they tend to progress extremely quickly from start to finish and the assets are sold to the person or entity with the highest bid.

Both types of liquidation methods work well to help a business make the most of its surplus or idle assets. In choosing which is ideal for your business, consider your goals and needs. If you want to target a specific buyer for your assets and can afford to wait a bit longer, an organized liquidation sale may work best for you. If time is of the essence and you need to see a quick resolution to your liquidation, an auction sale may better fit your situation.

Other Services Associated with Auction and Liquidation Sales


You’ve put a lot into your business. Now, it’s time to get the most out of it. Perform your exit strategy the right way with The Turning Group.

When your business closes, assets need to be handled correctly to ensure that you get the best return. At The Turning Group, we offer full-service business liquidation solutions, including business liquidation auctions, to Florida business owners seeking professional assistance with business windup, mergers, and other bankruptcy alternatives. We can even help you protect your assets ahead of bankruptcy with an asset protection strategy.

Understanding how and when to sell your business’ assets can be stressful, and the actual sale of your inventory may represent only a small portion of the work that needs to be done. From valuation to trustee and everything in between, our comprehensive business liquidation process allows you to put your assets on the market without having to deal with buyers so you can get back to your business and your life. Contact us today to get started.

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